Volunteer Sound Engineers

St Luke's Church in Hedge End

Volunteer Role Description

Volunteer Sound Engineer (AV Team)

St Luke’s have a strong tradition of modern and creative worship to lift our hearts, souls and hands to God in praise and wonder and inspire our spiritual growth.  

Duties and Responsibilities

Supporting our worship services we are looking to enlarge our team of Sound Engineers to work on a rota basis.  The team is to be led by a Volunteer Audio Visual Team Organiser who can also volunteer as part of the team.  The role involves working in conjunction with the Volunteer PC Operator, the Worship Group and the Ministry Leads on the day, deploying Microphones and audio connectivity as required and then operating the sound mixing desk and CD player throughout the service.


The Church equipment has been pre-programed to suit most service types so little technical knowledge of the mixing desk is required. A general understanding of how a service flows is desirable and being alert throughout the service is essential. A knowledge of making simple audio connections, plugging in microphones and fitting batteries is generally all that is required and help is usually at hand for unusual configurations. 

Time required

The AV team work on a rota agreed at the beginning of each term for the Sunday morning services, usually once a month depending on availability. The role requires attendance 1 hour before the service to set up and half an hour after the service to pack away. The team does not support evening worship and any additional events, funerals, weddings and meetings, are on a voluntary basis only and these happen rarely.


Full training will be given by the existing Sound Engineers who would be able to mentor until confident and proficient to provide cover alone.


St Luke’s Church Hedge End