Volunteer Flower Arrangers

St Luke's Church in Hedge End

Volunteer Role Description

Volunteer Flower Arrangers

Having flowers in church remind us of our creator God.  Flowers stimulate our senses of sight and smell, we feel more alive, and aided in our worship of the living Christ.  The beauty of creation inspires our worship reminding us of our place in the created order and our responsibility to care for the world. 

Duties and Responsibilities

With immediate effect we are looking to start a new team of flower arrangers to work on a rota basis to buy, arrange, and display flowers in church, and to refresh displays as required.   The role is overseen by the Church Warden’s with flower expenses recovered through the church office.


Confident to work unsupervised,  flexibly and together as a team.  Working to a budget of £12-15/fortnight and creatively choosing flowers to last for two weeks.

Time required

Flowers are required for 42 weeks of the year (not in lent and advent) to look their best for the Sunday services.  One 2 hour set up per fortnight plus refresh of flowers between and change of water to lengthen flower life.


A workshop will be arranged to train the team in flower arranging and flower care.


St Luke’s Church Hedge End