Volunteer Worship Musicians and Singers

St Luke's Church in Hedge End

Volunteer Role Description

Volunteer Worship Musicians and Singers

St Luke’s has a strong tradition of modern guitar and keyboard led Christian worship music which lift our hearts, souls and hands to God in praise and wonder.  

Duties and Responsibilities

We are looking for singers and instrumentalists to take part in the musical worship on a Sunday morning when they are on rota. A lead instrument would typically be a piano, organ or guitar but supporting instruments such as drums, bass guitar, flute, etc would be very welcome. Singers and instrumentalists should be of a good standard and confident enough to play or sing in front of a congregation.  Singers do not need to be able to read sheet music.


Confident and competent musicians or singers with the love of God and passion to lead others into worship.

Time required

Practices are generally held on a Friday evening in church for around 45 minutes.  Sound check and a final practise are held in church before the service around 9am.


Microphone technique for singers can be provided if required.


St Luke’s Church Hedge End