Returning to Church

What to expect following
Step 4 of the Government's roadmap


As long as you are free from the coronavirus symptoms of a new and continuous cough, a fever, and loss of taste or smell, and you are not in isolation with a household member or as directed through the 'track and trace' system then you are absolutely welcome.

If you are in any group that has been designated as vulnerable in government advice the decision is yours, and do consider carefully the level of risk for your personal situation.

Although the majority of legal restrictions have been lifted, St Luke's recommend everyone follows the measures described below to manage the risk that covid still poses on a local level:

  • NHS Trace and Trace enables people to be notified if they have been in close proximity to someone who has covid. While it may no longer be a mandatory requirement to use it, we would still recommend scanning the QR code in church, continuing to use the app on your phone, and using the sign-in sheets when you arrive. Please note that sharing your details this way does not automatically mean you have to isolate if there is a case
  • We encourage the use of hand sanitiser
  • Doors and windows will remain open for ventilation
  • We would prefer that masks continue to be worn in the church and in particular request they are worn when moving around and especially when singing
  • The chairs are laid out in rows as they used to be, albeit slightly more spaced apart than the way they were pre-pandemic. Upon entering the church, you will be offered reservation cards that you can place on the seats around you to indicate to others how much social distancing you would like.

Yes, absolutely! Children's church is available during in-church services.


No, you no longer need to pre-book.

If there is a queue outside the church, please be respectful of the distance between others recognising that people's preferences differ. We would prefer you to put on a face-covering before entering the building. On entry, we recommend applying hand sanitiser and signing in (for track and trace purposes).

Please leave immediately and return to your home following government advise on testing and isolating.  Please notify a steward of your symptoms before leaving.  The church will need to be deep cleaned and everyone in church will be notified of what they need to do in following government advice.

Please notify the Church Office or the Wardens (you can do this using the website contact form) and they will notify everyone who signed in at the service and all cleaning protocols will be followed.

The rows of seats are more spread out than usual.  The church is well ventilated with doors and windows kept open.  Please dress accordingly.  We look different too behind our face-coverings but do assume that everyone is smiling!  The worship leader is exempt from wearing a face-covering during the service to ensure that those who rely on lip-reading can participate fully.  The minister wears a face-covering when administering communion.

Yes, singing is allowed.

We would strongly recommend wearing face masks while singing as it will help manage the risk of transmission.

Please see our Giving page for details on how to give or talk to the Wardens or the Treasurer.

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