Returning to Church

St Luke's Church in Hedge End

What to expect during the coronavirus pandemic

Walk with Hayley through what the church will look like


As long as you are free from the coronavirus symptoms of a new and continuous cough, a fever, and loss of taste or smell, and you are not in isolation with a household member or as directed through the 'track and trace' system then you are absolutely welcome. If you are in any group that has been designated as vulnerable in government advice the decision is yours, and do consider carefully the level of risk for your personal situation.  Strict social distancing will be observed and face coverings are required unless covered by the government exclusions to wearing face coverings.

Yes, absolutely!  It it the responsibility of the accompanying adult to ensure children are kept within their own social grouping and remain two meters distant from those outside their household.


Government advice requires we keep contact details for attendees for 21 days for 'track and trace'.  It would reduce queue time on entering the church building to have this information in advance.  It will help to know numbers in advance too as we have a reduced seating capacity.  A simple form will go out online each week for you to fill out.

Yes!  As long as there is social distancing capacity, all who arrive will be welcomed.  You will need to give your contact details to the steward on the door for track and trace purposes which will take a little longer.

You will need to queue allowing two meters between household groups and enter as directed by the stewards.  If we have advance notification of a high attendance the wardens may decide to stagger arrival and you will be notified of this in advance.  Please wear a face-covering and wash your hands on entry as directed by a steward.

Please leave immediately and return to your home following government advise on testing and isolating.  Please notify a steward of your symptoms before leaving.  The church will need to be deep cleaned and everyone in church will be notified of what they need to do in following government advice.

Please notify the Church Office or the Wardens (you can do this using the website contact form) and they will notify everyone who was at the service and all cleaning and isolation protocols will be followed.

The seating has been organised in socially distant groupings.  The church will be well ventilated with doors and windows kept open.  Please dress accordingly.  We will look different too behind our face-coverings but do assume that everyone is smiling!  The worship leader is exempt from wearing a face-covering during the service to ensure that those who rely on lip-reading can participate fully.  The minister will wear a face-covering when administering communion.

It will be a reflective service of Holy Communion with short homily.  Government advice does not allow for singing or physically sharing the peace.  Only the minister will administer communion and will come to each household group who receive silently.  The government advises sanitising hands before and after putting on and taking off face-coverings.  A communion wafer will be dropped from above your cupped hands and there will be no physical touch between the minister and person receiving communion.

There will be baskets at the entry and exit points if you wish to make a physical gift.  Please consider giving by direct debit through the Parish Giving Scheme. Please see our Giving page for more details or talk to the Wardens or the Treasurer.

Yes.  There is a one in and one out system.  Please use as directed.

At the end of the service follow the directions from the stewards.  Depending on light, the exit points will either be through the fire exits and around the side of the building or through the left hand doors as you look at the back of church.  Government advice for socialising does not allow for groups of more than six from multiple households to meet and so we ask you to follow this advise and leave promptly, ensuring not to block the exits from the church building, whilst keeping social distance.  Sadly, there will not be coffee-fellowship.  The church will be cleaned following government guidance after every use.

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