Christian Aid

Current Campaigns

Coronavirus Emergency Appeal

Christian Aid will use the lessons we learned from the Ebola crisis in Sierra Leone, to mitigate the impact of the coronavirus.

  • We will prioritise the poorest and most marginalised groups and ensure they have access to information and services free from fear and misinformation
  • We will work to prevent the spread of the virus by providing hygiene items and sanitation improvements 
  • We will also work to ensure that the voices of the most vulnerable people are being heard and that the response is catering for their needs
  • We will protect vulnerable people not only ensuring they keep safe, but also by protecting their livelihoods and support them to rebuild their lives afterwards.
  • We will work with our church partners and other faith-based organisations in the UK and around the world to mobilise support.

The Amazon Rainforest is Burning

For decades the people of the Amazon have been fighting to steward the Amazon – the lungs of the world – often paying the price with their lives. Now it’s on fire.

Will you stand with the people of the Amazon and call on our Prime Minister to act?

St Luke's Involvement

What we’ve done in the past few years


Charity Lunches


Emergency Appeals Supported


Pounds Raised

Stephen from Christian Aid came and talked to us about the Christian Aid work rebuilding homes in Haiti. We responded through a ‘Building a Home of Hope’ activity and many of the congregation signed a petition calling on our government to support better protection for all people on the move. The collection raised £478 and this was supplemented by a Christian Aid lunch which raised £143.

Some of the members of the church attended a ‘Stand Together’ event in Portsmouth in November where we heard about the issues of deforestation and pollution in Brazil, and how Christian Aid is working with local partners to support indigenous communities. We also took part in a second ‘Big Shift’ Action following on from our Prudence Pig activity in autumn 2017, this time emailing HSBC, calling on them to stop funding new coal projects in Bangladesh, Vietnam and Indonesia.

Street collections outside Sainsburys and Co-op involving local churches including St Luke’s took part, helping to raise over £425.

We supported the Christmas Aid Christmas appeal with collections from services and sales of cakes. This raised a total of £400.16.

What we do

St Luke’s supports Christian Aid. Every year we dedicate the proceeds from one of our Sunday lunches after a morning service to raise money for the charity and the work they do. We have had guest speakers from Christian Aid come and talk to us about the work the charity is doing. Some of us get involved with street collections outside Sainsbury’s and Co-op in Hedge End whilst at the same time being a visible Christian presence in our community. We also attend events and support the main campaigns throughout the year.

Speak to one of the Leadership Team and contact them in person or via the contact form if you want to get involved.